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My heart, it hurts

There comes a time, when you realize you’ve never stopped loving someone. Through the years you’ve compared everyone to them, and they failed. Why did you break up in the first place? The stupidity of youth, the sheer craziness of what was going on. We were a candle burning at both ends, with a wick in the middle. You never tried to change me, you never wanted me to be anything I wasn’t, you never took away my friends. Oh how I missed you over the years, but never tried to contact you because I thought you never wanted to speak with me again. So many years pass, almost 20, and you contact me, I’m so happy I actually break down and cry. I forget to be mad at you for breaking my heart, all I feel for you is the love I felt from the start. It is pure joy to talk to you every day, even as friends. I wish so many miles didn’t separate us, I long for a hug from you more than anything. I’m just so glad you are back in my life, even though you put yourself down, which you shouldn’t. I really do love you, and all I want is your happiness. My greatest hope is that it includes me at some point, but if not, that’s ok too, as long as we’re friends.

Pit Stop

pitstopIn the middle of the wastelands is a small pit stop where cyborg exotic dancers can be found.  There isn’t much else out here except for a couple of bars and some refill stations.