Pit Stop

pitstopIn the middle of the wastelands is a small pit stop where cyborg exotic dancers can be found.  There isn’t much else out here except for a couple of bars and some refill stations.

I’m back!


I’m finally back up and running, and this is the first test image to come out :)  I’m quite pleased with the textures.  Voltaire’s torso, the displacement turned out perfectly.  This was rendered in Daz/3Delight.  Lux is not installed yet, and Lux does not do anything with displacement maps, at least not that I’ve seen.  That is the one thing I have against it at the moment, I cannot use it on any veined/scarred/branded/tattooed characters.  I’m still back and forth on rendering.  I love both engines for different reasons and really wish I could just merge the two sometimes.  Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I am back up and running and I should be back to work on more images (still installing the dreaded content again)


Coffee-not nearly enough
Panic attacks-1

I just think today was doomed from the start. I know, I’m starting negative but it’s my fucking blog. I was shocked awake from some strange dream I can barely remember. I do remember that “HE” was in it, so at least that was good. Oh who is he? Well if you don’t already know you may not be  privy to this info. In reference to my favorite fanfic of all time, the trials and tribulations of such matters shall henceforth be known as the “thing”

So. ….I decide I’m going to make a really good dinner and have him invited over. This seems like a good idea. Show off my cooking skills. So my cousin and I go to Walmart to gather the proper ingredients. We get back and take the back way to see if he is perhaps in the garage, but alas his car is GONE.  Ok this looks somewhat upsetting but maybe he’s getting car parts.

Cuz and hubby go out to lunch and I start dinner prep then try to think of something to do to burn off nervous energy. HEY I think to myself, I bet he would be happy if I can manage to clear part of the driveway of roofing material so he can get his car out of the garage. Oh hey, good way to see if he shows up too. Argh I’m stupid stupid STUPID!!! I end up with roofing in my hair, pants, bra, everywhere.

ANYWAY, I finish up with that and go work on dinner while still eyeing the garage and clock feeling like an uber weird stalker when I have a small panic attack. What if my food sucks? Do I have roofing on my face? Where is my gatorade? AAAHHHHHHHHHH

So I do all this work and make awesome food only to find out he got called out on a job *pout* someone give me a cookie